Here at FALLOW we have been bending denim to our will since 2010. We make jeans, really good jeans for men...and sometimes women. 

The Denim.

FALLOW DENIM insist on using only the finest denim that we can get from around the world, sometimes from Japan, sometimes from America, but always always selvedge. on this there is no compromise.

 This selvedge denim is produced in the finest mills in the time honoured traditional way, rope dyed cotton, narrow shuttle looms, just the way they did when blue jeans were made for working down a mine somewhere in the american west.

Way before the world of fashion and designer jeans.

British manufacturing 

These precious rolls of the finest denim are shipped to us right here in the British Isles, where we cut it and sew it into some great mens jeans.

 Our ever popular slim fit jeans and our regular cut jeans are made in small batches, every batch is a little different, a detail changed here and there, but they all follow the same FALLOW DENIM pattern.

All feature a back patch made from British deerskin which we hand brand with our own branding iron, burning the skin with our FALLOW DENIM bars. Some like our ‘111’ slim fit jeans are double branded to further mark them apart.

Every pair of FALLOW jeans feature a linen inner label with a woven FALLOW logo, made near Stonehenge by a very talented craftsman, we would want nothing less for our jeans.

 The hardware is all top quality, we only use traditional washer and burr rivets. the original way. Our buttons top quality, sometimes bright brass or copper designed to tarnish over the life of the jeans, sometimes antiqued, sometimes powder coated in a cool colour.

And of course all our hems have the traditional chain stitch. Well… what else would we have.

 FALLOW DENIM - Jeans for men

Amazing denim, beautiful details, jeans made to last. FALLOW DENIM.